The Longest Project

This week, I had the pleasure of restarting a project that has lain fallow since May 2007.  Provider Exchange Network is adding a major dealer group – one we didn’t get while I was at MenuVantage.  In the meantime, we have been improving our methods and developing new relationships.  People and processes that were previously closed to PEN are now available.

In 1999, I drew the assignment to develop a menu system and e-contracting for AutoNation.  They are still running that menu system, but without e-contracting.  At MenuVantage, I finally came up with a successful approach to e-contracting and “advanced the state of the industry,” as Chris Morris kindly put it.

Someday, I will go back to my old boss at AutoNation and report this project as complete.  It only took two software startups, a new business model, the combined weight of ADP and Reynolds, and a platoon of programmers.  I sure hope he hasn’t retired.

Author: Mark Virag

Management consultant specializing in software solutions for the auto finance industry.

2 thoughts on “The Longest Project”

  1. People and processes that were previously closed to PEN are becoming available now because what PEN is offering is unique. The flexibility that PEN provides by facilitating rating and e-contracting without being tied to a single software system provides benefits that were simply not available before. I expect many dealers, dealer groups, and Providers to follow.

  2. Certainly glad to hear this was finally completed and you had the persistence to complete it.

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