Biweekly Leasing

Last month, I wrote that Canada offered a better variety of financing plans, and this is a great example.  The picture below is from a print advertisement for Oakville Honda.  Back when we were setting up U.S. Equity, a dealer told me that the key to using biweekly was to highlight the low payment in his local Saturday newspaper.  In the States, he could only do this by using a service such as ours.


Here, the dealer avails himself of a program from Honda Finance Canada, which takes an already subvented APR and spreads it over 104 biweekly payments.  It makes a great ad, and they’re running it on TV, too.

Looking in Canada

I am seeking an engagement in Canada.  Toronto would be best.  Call it nostalgia.  Call it the strong currency.  I have relevant experience from Canadian projects with ADP and GMAC, and I have dual citizenship.  If you’re reading this, you already know the value I bring to my clients.  Please feel free to call, or write me at the email address given here.